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Responsible Gaming

Requirements to implement youth and player protection measures have increased continuously in recent years, calling for stakeholders to show a high sense of responsibility. These requirements present major challenges to all providers of gaming content.

This topic is integral to the Gauselmann Group’s corporate philosophy. The Group has been a pioneer and a strong driving force behind this issue for many years – not only in-house but also proactively within the various associations, and thus representative of the industry as a whole. The Gauselmann Group accepts its responsibility, embraces the topics of consumer protection and the prevention of addiction, and sets new benchmarks as a leader in these fields.

The Gauselmann Group developed its own social policy back in 2010 – even before the state introduced binding regulations governing the implementation of youth and player protection measures. Since its introduction, this policy has been evaluated, revised and adapted to take account of the latest requirements in these areas on a yearly basis.

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Information as a central strategy

To underscore the importance the group attaches to these issues, it has created a separate central unit with responsibility for these tasks. The Gauselmann Group’s Central Prevention Unit initiates, coordinates and monitors all youth and player protection measures across the group. Priorities include developing, implementing and evaluating social policies, mandatory internal and external reporting, staff training and qualification, and continuous dialogue with all relevant stakeholders (players, their families, help system, researchers, politicians, associations and employees).

The Central Prevention Unit receives support on consumer protection from four internationally recognised external experts who play an active role as members of the Gauselmann Group’s Player Protection Commission:

• Prof. Jörg Häfeli Stäger (University of Applied Sciences from Lucerne, Switzerland)

• Mr. Pieter Remmers (Director Assissa Consultancy Europe, Netherlands)

• Mr. Roman Neßhold (Institut Glücksspiel & Abhängigkeit [Institute for Gambling & Addiction], Austria)

• Dr. Wolfgang Kursawe (Drogenhilfe Köln [Drug Rehabilitation Cologne], Germany)

The external scientists and experts in the field of responsible gaming continuously analyse, evaluate and optimise the Gauselmann Group’s prevention activities, ensuring that the latest scientific findings are adequately reflected in the group’s prevention work.

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